Our Responsibility is to Take Action on the Path to Net Zero

We will continue to make investments in the efficiency of our operations, the use of lower carbon fuels in our fleets, including EVs and electric pumping, and build on investments we've made already:

Caravan or convoy of White Lorry trucks in line on a country highway

Software, route planning, fleet replacement, training on idling, fleet safety, and aggressive preventive maintenance that reduces overall fuel consumption

Handsome caucasian businessman in suit and with protective helmet on head holding folder with documents while standing in power plant.

Increasing our own inventory of HVO at key regional depot locations. We continue to scale our renewable fuel offering for our fleet customers in the coming years

open ocean with a fuel rig

Using low sulfur marine oil as a primary fuel choice for our own barges, and installing electric power on shore at our terminals to reduce our overall emissions

Two technicians in distance discussing between long rows of photovoltaic panels. Alternative energy source, ecology and carbon footprint reduction concept.

Investing in certified carbon offset projects

Why sustainability and why now?

group of diverse execs meetingThe race to Net Zero is becoming a priority and business imperative in the minds of consumers, stakeholders, investors, governments, and companies.

A 2021 study found that of the 2,000 companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, 417 of those companies have instituted net zero targets.*

* Black, R., Cullen, K., Fay, B., Hale, T., Lang, J., Mahmood, S., Smith, S.M. (2021). “Taking Stock: A global assessment of net zero targets.” Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit and Oxford Net Zero. https://ca1-eci.edcdn.com/reports/ECIU-Oxford_Taking_Stock.pdf

Your success is our success.

Our team of energy advisors is passionate in their drive to ensure our solutions help you meet your sustainability goals and business objectives. Providing sustainable energy solutions across our supply chain enables customers like you to help accelerate your operations toward the net-zero world of tomorrow.

Michael Kasbar Photo
Michael Kasbar
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“We see the energy transition as a global imperative –and an extraordinary opportunity to leverage our technical expertise, global logistics, and distribution capabilities to make net zero goals a reality.”

Making the Business Case for Net Zero

Sustainability is our business. Let us help you.

Stock photograph of a young Asian woman conducting a seminar / lecture with the aid of a large screen. The screen is displaying data & designs concerning low carbon electricity production with solar panels & wind turbines. These are juxtaposed with an image of conventional fossil fuel oil production.

World Kinect Energy Services is a global energy management company with decades of experience at the forefront of the energy transition. We offer end-to-end sustainability advisory and solutions you can trust to keep your bottom line a top priority on the Path to Net Zero.

As a leader in the energy market for over 35 years, World Kinect delivers sustainable energy solutions to help your company make the right choices. Our sustainability offers range from establishing a carbon baseline and carbon footprint for customers to developing a comprehensive plan to reduce energy consumption and sourcing renewable fuels and other lower carbon alternatives globally.


Explore the 4 Steps to Net Zero

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World Kinect Energy Services hosted a live panel discussion at COP27

World Kinect experts co-presented a case study on how to incorporate the latest carbon credits into your sustainability strategy.

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World Fuel Services Expands Customer Access to Sustainable Aviation Fuel

World Fuel Services (World Fuel) is now an authorized branded distributor of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™.

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Supplying SAF for RAF Brize Norton Press Release

World Fuel Services Supplies Sustainable Aviation Fuel to RAF Brize Norton

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First-of-its-kind wind project delivered by World Kinect Energy Services helps Finland achieve key sustainability milestone

The new Nuolivaara wind farm will serve as a key milestone in Finland’s long-term sustainable energy program.

Infographic Sheet

Lower Carbon, Higher Returns: the ROI of Sustainability

In business, the bottom line refers to profits; the Triple Bottom Line is an emerging business practice.