World Kinect Corporation is a leader in the global energy industry

Our team is there for our customers when it matters most. With 5,000 global employees, we deliver solutions and local market expertise in more than 200 countries and territories, from critical fuels to smart solutions and sustainable energy consulting. Our diverse suite of products and services and commitment to sustainability has fueled our ascension to #70 on the Fortune 500 list.


We provide energy, logistics, and technology solutions to more than 150,000 aviation, marine, and land customers and suppliers around the world.


Our Culture

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Embrace sustainable, responsible growth while expanding in capabilities and footprint.
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Maintain our entrepreneurial vision.
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Be committed to delivering value with integrity and ethics to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.


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Create value for our business partners by delivering innovative solutions and logistics through a global team of local professionals.


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Become the world’s leading provider of credit, finance, services, and logistics to our business partners in the energy market.

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Our Rules to Live By

We believe in doing the right thing. Whether at the office, on-site, or the road, we protect the health of our people, partners, and communities. Pushing forward. We play a leading role in promoting best practices within the transportation industry and develop, set, and maintain HSE industry standards. Strengthening our Integrated Management System (IMS). We have established a set of nine rules to drive appropriate safety behaviors and prevent workplace incidents.

Sustainability at World Kinect Corporation

We believe in promoting a healthy environment to foster economic growth. And we are focused on creating a more environmentally and socially sustainable world, every day. We are on an important journey to operate more sustainably and look forward to helping others take the same steps.

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Our senior management team and board of directors represents diverse energy industry and business experience. We are committed to ethical and responsible leadership.


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Office Locations

We are where you are. We have a world wide presence. To contact an office near you, use our office locations finder.


Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Read more about our business solutions and our core values.



CORPORATE fact sheet

Corporate Fact Sheet

We collaborate with transportation, commercial and industrial partners to provide energy solutions that best suit their needs wherever, whenever.

Our History: From 1984 to Today

Our history describes our evolution and how we grew into a leading energy company from several distinct origins. In 1984, Chairman Emeritus, Paul Stebbins, and CEO, Michael Kasbar, founded Trans-Tec, a marine fuel brokerage company.

In 1995, International Recovery Corporation acquired Trans-Tec. The move transformed the organization and the name was changed to World Fuel Services. Over the past two decades, we have continued to grow through organic expansion and a series of strategic acquisitions. It’s an evolution that continues today.

It’s an evolution that continues today, as in 2023 we changed our corporate name to World Kinect Corporation to better reflect our ongoing transformation into a more resilient, diversified energy and solutions provider.

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Chairman Emeritus, Paul Stebbins, and CEO, Michael Kasbar, founded Trans-Tec, a marine fuel brokerage company

International Recovery becomes a publicly-traded company

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Significant organic growth prompts expansion with offices in key global markets

International Recovery acquires Trans-Tec and changes company name to World Fuel Services Corporation

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BaseOps adds flight-based services

Bunkerfuels acquisition enhances market share in Marine Energy

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private airplane with their door open in an airport hangar

PAFCO joint venture expands Aviation services

Marine Energy, Norse Bunkers, Oil Shipping Group acquisitions expand Marine

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photo of a marine yachting port

Tramp Oil to expand Marine business

AVCARD expands Business & General Aviation transaction processing capabilities

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picture of a gas station

Texor expands branded distribution

TGS Petroleum expands branded distribution

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photo of a gas fuel truck on the open road
  • Henty Oil expands Marine and Land presence in United Kingdom
  • Lakeside Oil expands branded gas/diesel distribution in Midwestern US
  • Western Petroleum expands Land and Avitaion distribution
  • Hiller and Ascent expand Business & General Aviation and add deicing
  • NCS expands government Aviation business
photo of a military cargo plain in a landing strip
photo of a graph with a pencil and an iPad
  • Carter Energy expands branded gas/diesel distribution in Midwestern United States
  • Multi Service Technology Solutions expands payment- processing capabilities
  • MH Aviation and totalFBO expand Aviation

U.S. Energy Services adds natural gas, compressed natural gas and electricity consulting services

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motor oil that is pouring into a truck
  • Watson Petroleum expands fuel and lubricants distribution in United Kingdom
  • Colt International and Avinode expands presence in Business & General Aviation
  • Bergen Energy grows energy & sustainability practice across Europe
  • KTM expands energy & sustainability practice in North America
  • BP's former Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation business at 4 general & business aviation airports in Scandinavia to expand global presence
  • Pester Marketing Company with its Alta Fuels to expand terminals and distribution of biofuels and lubricants to whole- sale, commercial, and agricultural customers in the U.S.
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tractor mowing the field in an open field
  • PAPCO expands fuel and lubricants distribution in the Eastern U.S.
  • Associated Petroleum Products (APP) to provide fuel & related services to agricultur- al automotive, construction, and commercial and industrial customers in the Pacific Northwest
  • Utilities Exchange Ltd. To expand consultancy & energy management services to commercial and industrial customers across Europe
  • Acquisition of ExxonMo- bil aviation fueling operations at 34 airports in Canada and France

Orchard Energy, UX Energy Services, Professional Utility Board acquired

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gas station at night

OnDemand Energy Solutions acquired

  • UVair further expands Aviation
  • Our land fuels division and Kinect Energy division to converge to become World Kinect Energy Services
  • WFS joins UN Global Compact
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photo of a private plane wind

Our Aviation division acquires FBO One

Lykins acquisition

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photo of a gas station with trucks fueling

Flyers acquisition

We changed our corporate name to World Kinect Corporation to better reflect our ongoing transformation into a more resilient, diversified energy and solutions provider.