A Day in the Life

We’re celebrating the voices of our employees whose unique stories reflect how identity and perspective shape new career paths.

Employee Voices

Everyone's voice matters when creating an inclusive workplace. When we amplify voices of our employees, everyone gains a greater appreciation and understanding of the diversity within all of us.

Below are some voices from our World Fuel Services team.

Terry More

Logistics Coordinator I

Can you tell us how your past experiences have shaped your appreciation for your current work environment?

"Facing hurtful slurs and dismissal at a past job was challenging. I questioned if it was related to my sexual orientation. Now, I'm grateful to work in a company that truly values diversity and inclusion. I can be my true self here, without fear of discrimination or prejudice."

Jinita Thakkar

Sr. Director, Brand Marketing and Communications

How do you help ensure World Fuel Services is a diverse and inclusive workplace where people feel like they belong?

"It's important to recognize that the diversity of our team really makes us stronger, and that's where we can come up with some great innovative ideas. So at the end of the day, diversity is the role the responsibility of every leader and team member, I think, World Fuel Services does a really good job of making that a priority."

Tania Brightwell

Sr. Recruiter

How has your journey in overcoming fears and biases shaped your career?

"Anytime I’ve taken that next step in my career, there’s the initial fear of not being accepted or facing bias. Slowly, I’ve had to acknowledge my value and realize that a company that doesn’t allow me to be myself isn’t the right place for me. Embracing my true self has enhanced my well-being and increased my performance."

gustavo de la fe.png
Gustavo De La Fe
Sr. Product Manager, IT

How have you been supported in your career to help you get where you are today?

"You might have heard of the quote, ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ I have used this as a reminder to strive for greatness in my own career. As the son of immigrants who endeavored into a new country seeking the best for their family, the values and principles of passion and perseverance have been key drivers in my life and career. Fortunately, I have had leaders and mentors who have echoed the same values and have supported my career by providing opportunities to challenge and showcase my full potential. By embracing these challenges, I’ve been able to sharpen my skill sets and enable further growth. In the same way, I hope to provide similar opportunities to empower others to ‘shoot for the moon,’ strive for the greatest, and unleash their full potential."

Serge Assi
Director, Transport Management

How have your life experiences shaped your beliefs on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

"Being a minority myself, a culture where diversity and inclusion are part of the tenant was my preferred working environment. My first job was with an Italian company while I was living in West Africa and spoke only French, where I learned to embrace culture, diversity, and inclusion. When I was considering coming to WFS, one of the things I checked was the locations where we operate and the composition of the senior team, to make sure those values were part of WFS culture, and I am glad they are."